Lombard IL Kitchen Remodeling

Lombard IL Kitchen Remodeling

Celebrate our tradition of exceptional quality in Kitchen Remodeling with Meeder Design & Remodeling.

Meeder Design & Remodeling has remodeled and renovated many kitchens in Lombard, Illinois. Our experience show in the quality and detail of the finished product. We leave no aspect unfinished, such as a swing-out pot faucet filler next to the stove, an additional dishwasher placed for convenience (and even extra dish storage), warming drawers and double ovens, as well as specialty refrigerators and wine chillers .

Lombard IL Kitchen Remodeling 60148

Before and After Bathroom Remodeling Video

Meeder Kitchen and Family Room Remodeling Before and After Video

Meeder Design & Remodeling Before and After Video

Preparing Your Home for Winter

HInsdale Addition

6 Easy Steps to Help Winterizing Your Home

1. Clean Your Gutters

Check that water can flow through your gutters to prevent icicles from forming later.

2. Flush the Water Heater

Flush the water through the drain valve to clear out the material and keep your heater functioning well.

3. Clockwise Ceiling Fans

Have your ceiling fans move in a clockwise direction so they push hot air along the ceiling towards the floor.

4. Replace Filters

Regularly changing the filters in your central air and heating system can significantly improve its efficiency and longevity.

5. Draft Guards

Draft guards can help save heat from escaping under the door. (If you don’t want to shell out for a draft guard, a rolled towel placed at the bottom of an exterior door will also do the trick.)

6. Programmable Thermostat

Install a programmable thermostat now and save money by keeping the temp down when you’re asleep or not at home.

For more advanced winterizing of your home call or contact Meeder Design & Remodeling today.

La Grange IL Home Remodeling & Exterior Renovations



La Grange IL Home Remodeling & Exterior Renovations

La Grange IL Home RemodelingMeeder is the number one name in La Grange IL Home Remodeling. We’ve been providing the community unmatched remodeling services for over 40 years. We’re happy to help you reinvest in the value and look of your home. Our results are breathtaking as your home interior and exterior can be made new again.

Meeder Design & Remodeling, Where price and quality meet to provide you a one of a kind remodeling experience.

See why all our customers are raving. Give us a call today and let’s start talking about your new renovations project! We’ll even give you a free in-home or showroom appointment with a project price estimate!

La Grange IL 60525 Home Remodeling Exterior Renovations

Hinsdale IL Home Remodeling & Exterior Renovations


Hinsdale 60521 IL Home Remodeling & Exterior Renovations

Exterior renovations give you the opportunity to upgrade the image of your home while increasing energy efficiency and value.

Meeder Design can guarantee the renovation is done properly, with the right materials, and completed on time and within your budget.

The price of your project depends on the type and extent of the renovations. Meeder Design & Remodeling knows where the hidden costs are before they start. These may include specialty trim pieces, water proofing and interior updates required by your exterior renovation.

Material costs vary, and will presented to you before we start your renovations.Vinyl siding can be your most economical home renovation. There are also more expensive options like Hardie Board or concrete style siding. More costly options are insulated stucco, or designer stone, cedar and brick materials.

New windows installations are less expensive if you are replacing the siding on your home.

Energy Efficiency

Stay comfortable in the winter by making sure your home is well insulated on the outside.

Repair air leaks with properly functioning windows and doors.

Not sure where to start when thinking about an exterior renovation. Call or contact Meeder Design to talk to an experienced general contractor. By working with an experienced professional that knows pricing and design, you can be confident the results will be affordable and look amazing.


Meeder Design and Remodeling, Real Luxury at Everyday Prices.

Downers Grove Home Remodeling & Exterior Renovations


Downers Grove Home Remodeling & Exterior Renovations

Meeder Design & Remodeling provides professional exterior renovations throughout the Western suburbs of Chicago, IL.

We have some of the most experience contractors working with window replacement, siding, roofing, gutters, decks and additions throughout the Downers Grove area (60515, 60516) homes.

At Meeder, We discount price, not quality!

Give us a call or contact us online to schedule a Free in-home or showroom appointment today and let us help make your home improvement and remodeling dreams come true.

Kitchen Remodeling Oak Brook IL



Exceptional elegance, exceptionally well priced with Meeder Design & Remodeling.

Meeder is the Oak brook kitchen-remodeling expert

The classic kitchen has made a comeback.

Fall is a time to kick back and relax, at Meeder Design and Remodeling this time of year also signals the return of our focus on kitchen remodeling.

As we help you plan your kitchen remodeling project, think happiness, not resale value. Kitchen remodeling today is all about what you need, rather than a checklist that makes slabs of fine Italian marble, a butler’s pantry, and gargantuan appliances seem as necessary as a refrigerator and range.

At Meeder we believe in never settling for less, but also realizing that you don’t need to spend too much on excess.  We call it the return of the classic cookhouse. The basic, efficient, and timeless, not glitzy or oversized cooking area.  It is a room that you will want to spend time in for years to come.

When you get an estimate from Meeder we understand budgets vary, so we give you three different price points that include many different options for every home. We also included details on kitchen cabinets, reviews of countertops and flooring, and information on the best appliances available.

Contact Meeder Design Today for Oak Brook IL Kitchen Remodeling 60523

Downers Grove IL Basement Remodeling

Downers Grove IL Basement Remodeling 60515, 60516

Make The Most of Your Basement Space With Meeder Design & Remodeling, the Best in the Business

Basements offer plenty of extra living space in your home that can be used for a variety of functions. Through basement remodeling, you can convert your basement space into a media room for your family members to relax in, or perhaps a game room which provides a nice refuge where you unwind and enjoy entertainment with your family or friends. Other popular choices for basements include a playroom, media room, gym, office, guest room, laundry, or storage space and more.

Another thing to consider when it comes to your basement is the flooring. It’s important to choose basement flooring that is moisture-proof and durable. Ceramic tile, vinyl, laminate, and carpet are all great ideas for basement flooring and depending on the intended purpose of your basement, one type of flooring may be more suitable than another. So if you’re planning on making the most of your basement space and are interested in basement remodeling in Downers Grove, give us a call or contact us online to make an in-home or showroom appointment and receive a free estimate.