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Kitchen remodeling is our expertise at Meeder Design & Remodeling. We have created thousands of beautiful new kitchens for clients in and around the Western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.

Hillside Kitchen Remodeling

Hillside, IL 60162 Kitchen Remodeling by Meeder Design & Remodeling

When planning a remodeling project, many homeowners think it means the complete destruction and rebuilding of a room. However, this isn’t always the case.

While the new kitchen still utilizes some of the past structure, there is plenty of new construction to make it unique. prominent is the coveted island, which was built along with the new cabinets. Although made in the same style as the existing cabinets, the island has a darker stain to add contrast to the kitchen’s look. Its granite top is also a lighter color compared to the original countertops, with metallic flecks in the stone.

The same darker cabinets line what was the dining room wall to create separate wine and beverage stations.

The wall also houses perhaps the most unique feature of the kitchen — a dumbwaiter. Built into the lower cabinet of the beverage station, it’s used to bring wine up from the cellar, as well as other items stored in the basement.

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Berkeley Kitchen Remodeling


Berkeley, IL 60163 Kitchen Remodeling by Meeder Design & Remodeling

Minimal lines, modern hardware and sharp colors top the trend charts this year.

2017 kitchen trends are all about sleek, clean, simple and industrial.

1. Gray counters, walls and floors

Gray is hot — in both the kitchen and the bath. Forget about the faux marble-finished countertops that were popular in 2016. This year, it’s all about dark gray tile on countertops, walls and even on the floor. Combined with stainless appliances, it’s a clean, industrial look with a sleek edge.

2. Glass tile backsplashes

Used in a linear pattern, glass tile backsplashes can make small spaces seem larger. Deep cobalt blue is also trending this year, pairing beautifully with gray countertops and a steel range hood.

3. Contrasting colors

The whole kitchen doesn’t have to be industrial. Paint walls a deep red or blue; install a brightly colored backsplash.   Another way to add a splash of color is to use a harlequin pattern. Think diamond-shaped tiles in four or five different varieties of contrasting colors, making sure the same color never touches.

4. Amped-up storage

Large drawers and storage is at a premium this year, in keeping with the clean, sleek, industrial look of gray countertops. Get your small appliances, tools and accessories off the counter and into a drawer.

5. Light-colored cabinets

If you’re remodeling, it may be time to veer away from dark wood cabinets, either faux or real. White cabinets are quickly becoming the new normal.

6. LED lighting

Grab a ribbon of LED lights and get creative with placement in your kitchen. Whether it’s on top or on the bottom of your cabinets, inside a hutch or under your countertop to emit a soft glow. LED lights come in a variety of colors, and they’re so inexpensive you can change it up, switching to any color that fits your mood.

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Westchester Kitchen Remodeling

Westchester Kitchen Remodeling

Westchester Kitchen Remodeling by Meeder Design & Remodeling

Westchester homeowners want exquisite, yet sturdy, flooring and countertops, naming durability and style as their top priorities. Granite is the most popular countertop material. Hardwood flooring lost some appeal but still remains the most common kitchen option. Ceramic and porcelain tile are the choice surfaces of more Westchester homeowners this year.

Custom cabinets are still the top priority for homeowners who want to upgrade their kitchen. Light colored cabinets prove to be more popular than wood-colored or gray cabinets combined. Adding an island or breakfast bar comes in second and third as the top features to upgrade.

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Lombard IL Kitchen Remodeling

Lombard IL Kitchen Remodeling

Celebrate our tradition of exceptional quality in Kitchen Remodeling with Meeder Design & Remodeling.

Meeder Design & Remodeling has remodeled and renovated many kitchens in Lombard, Illinois. Our experience show in the quality and detail of the finished product. We leave no aspect unfinished, such as a swing-out pot faucet filler next to the stove, an additional dishwasher placed for convenience (and even extra dish storage), warming drawers and double ovens, as well as specialty refrigerators and wine chillers .

Lombard IL Kitchen Remodeling 60148

Kitchen Remodeling Oak Brook IL



Exceptional elegance, exceptionally well priced with Meeder Design & Remodeling.

Meeder is the Oak brook kitchen-remodeling expert

The classic kitchen has made a comeback.

Fall is a time to kick back and relax, at Meeder Design and Remodeling this time of year also signals the return of our focus on kitchen remodeling.

As we help you plan your kitchen remodeling project, think happiness, not resale value. Kitchen remodeling today is all about what you need, rather than a checklist that makes slabs of fine Italian marble, a butler’s pantry, and gargantuan appliances seem as necessary as a refrigerator and range.

At Meeder we believe in never settling for less, but also realizing that you don’t need to spend too much on excess.  We call it the return of the classic cookhouse. The basic, efficient, and timeless, not glitzy or oversized cooking area.  It is a room that you will want to spend time in for years to come.

When you get an estimate from Meeder we understand budgets vary, so we give you three different price points that include many different options for every home. We also included details on kitchen cabinets, reviews of countertops and flooring, and information on the best appliances available.

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Burr Ridge IL Kitchen Remodeling



Make an elegant statement with Kitchen Remodeling by Meeder Design & Remodeling.

Burr Ridge IL Kitchen Remodeling 60527

While your space needs to be a combination of both form and function, it also needs to speak to who you are. Don’t be afraid to take some risks. When you are designing an interior space, try to consider all the elements within the room. Natural stone, furnishings, paint, fabrics should have a harmonious feel in both style and color.  Today’s color trends of grays and whites are still going strong, and light-colored stone countertops coordinate well with those shades. Lighter tiles also pair well with darker cabinets for a high-contrast look and serve as a nice backdrop for the strategic use of color in fabrics and accessories.

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Wheaton IL Kitchen Remodeling

Wheaton IL Kitchen Remodeling

Meeder Design & Remodeling adds instant distinction to your newly remodeled kitchen.

Wheaton IL Kitchen Remodeling 60189 Kitchen and bathroom remodeling trends:

  1. Color: earth tones and Gray. For cabinets, classic white has made a big comeback.
  2. Flooring: The natural look of wood is in. Luxury vinyl plank flooring looks like wood, but resists moisture; a plus in kitchens and bathrooms. In baths, wood-look ceramic tile also is popular.
  3. Tile: Large tiles, 2 by 2 feet are popular. Same with mosaic, glass and stone.
  4. Countertops: Engineered quartz and solid surfaces that look like marble or granite (but are easier to maintain) are becoming the norm.
  5. Appliances: Stainless steel accounts for three out of every four new appliances.
  6. Extras: LED lighting under cabinets. Wine refrigerators. Specialized built-in upgrades for recycling, baking station,  and computer space, etc.

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Glen Ellyn IL Kitchen Remodeling

Glen Ellyn IL Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchens, bathrooms and family rooms, in that order, still rank as the most popular home remodeling projects.

Enter a world of gracious living with Meeder Design & Remodeling.

Glen Ellyn IL Kitchen Remodeling 60137

White cabinets and gray walls are trendy for 2016 remodeled kitchens.

Also popular:

  • dark wood plank floors
  • stainless steel appliances
  • marble-look quartz countertops
  • open, airy floor plan

Fueled by rising home equity, homeowners are investing in new kitchens, bathrooms and basements.  Instead of moving, residents of Glenn Ellyn, Illinois  60137 are staying put and remodeling their homes where they expect to live many more years.  Especially in Illinois, rapidly rising home prices make remodeling often a better option than buying a new house.  Recent home buyers also are plunging big bucks into remodeling.  Many customers are asking for more luxury features, especially in bathrooms. People are asking for room for two in bathtubs and showers, and dual sinks in the vanity for more of a a spa experience at home. They are asking for a new look, but they do not want to move.

This is peak home remodeling season

Some customers are updating their homes so that they will not need to move later in life with modifications as roll-in showers and hand-held shower heads.

For recent home buyers, kitchen makeovers are a top priority

How much will remodels cost? Call or contact Meeder Design and Remodeling today for a Free in-home or showroom appointment to find out what your options are.

Darien IL Kitchen Remodeling



Grace, Comfort, and Refinement in Kitchen Remodeling by Meeder.

Darien IL Kitchen Remodeling 60561

Some of the biggest line items on a kitchen makeover are

  1. Cabinetry (30% of a typical budget)
    $8,000 to $15,000:
    Replacing existing appliances,
    refinishing existing cabinet doors,
    resurfacing existing countertops.
  2. Appliances (15%)
    $25,000 to $50,000:
    Demolishing the kitchen but keeping main appliance and plumbing fixtures in the same location.
    new cabinets
    plumbing fixtures
  3. Countertops (10%)
    $50,000 to $100,000:
    Same as above while also reconfiguring the appliance and plumbing fixtures as well as electrical and HVAC.

How to save money on your kitchen remodeling project

  • Face-lift vs. gut renovation: Avoid replacing cabinets as even a midrange option can run you $3,500 to $5,500.
    Face-lifts should be confined to painting cabinets and updating hardware and lighting.
  • Appliance package: stick with the basics on appliances.
  • Plan ahead: Poor planning that leads to contractors waiting for something like a sink to arrive will send you over budget.

What is the return on investment on a kitchen remodel?  You will get some of that money back when you decide to sell your home, because your home will stand out compared to others with older kitchen designs.

Villa Park Kitchen Remodeling 60181

Villa Park Kitchen Remodeling 60181

Villa Park Kitchen Remodeling 60181

Looking to get the most bang for your buck on a kitchen remodel?

Avoid the biggest budget mistakes.

  1. Changing your mind after the project has started can drive your budget up an average of 10 percent.
  2. Try to spend a little longer on the design and stick to that plan no matter what.
  3. 3D drawings can help you visualize the space before you start your project. Don’t rely on rough sketches.
  4. Do not overpay for high-end materials.
  5. Do not use exotic marble for less expensive, low-maintenance quartz countertops.
  6. You can get the look of hardwood floors for half the price with more durable, porcelain tile that looks like real wood.
  7. Save room in the budget for things like a range hood to keep your kitchen well-ventilated, under-cabinet lighting to ease food preparation, and improved storage, like drawers in the base units.

It’s also important to hire accredited contractors like Meeder, that are experienced at holding down costs on remodeling projects when unexpected problems crop up.

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