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Lombard IL Kitchen Remodeling

Lombard IL Kitchen Remodeling

Celebrate our tradition of exceptional quality in Kitchen Remodeling with Meeder Design & Remodeling.

Meeder Design & Remodeling has remodeled and renovated many kitchens in Lombard, Illinois. Our experience show in the quality and detail of the finished product. We leave no aspect unfinished, such as a swing-out pot faucet filler next to the stove, an additional dishwasher placed for convenience (and even extra dish storage), warming drawers and double ovens, as well as specialty refrigerators and wine chillers .

Lombard IL Kitchen Remodeling 60148

Lombard Kitchen Remodeling


Lombard Kitchen Remodeling by Meeder Design & Remodeling

Kitchens are the heart of the home. They are also a great way to boost your home’s resale value.

If you’re looking to update or remodel your kitchen, it dose not have to be a major overhaul.

You will see a bigger return on your investment from a basic kitchen remodel.

  1. Replacing doors and hardware
  2. Install new energy-efficient appliances
  3. Replacing laminate counters
  4. Upgrading your sink and faucet

Your updates don’t have to break the bank especially if you live in Lombard 60148, IL.

Whether you’re looking for a quick change or a complete remodel, Meeder has completed many Lombard kitchen remodeling projects and is available to help with yours today. Call or contact us online to schedule a free consultation in your home or our showroom.

Lombard IL 60148 Kitchen Remodeling


Professional Kitchen Remodeling Services in Lombard

For homeowners in Lombard, IL 60148, there is something to cheer about. Meeder Design & Remodeling brings you exclusive kitchen design and remodeling services. Meeder creates the kitchen you always dreamed of.

Increase your kitchen’s functionality with custom cabinetry, sinks featuring beautiful designer faucets, sparkling new countertops and floors showcasing the latest materials, gorgeous backspalshes, and updated appliances. Whether you are remodeling your kitchen for your own personal use or have plans to sell it, a well designed kitchen will add a lot of value to your home.

So, do not wait around. Pick up your phone and call Meeder Design and Remodeling for an in-home free estimate or showroom consultation to get your new kitchen started as soon as possible.

Lombard 60148 Home Renovations


Lombard 60148 Home Renovations

Lombard 60148 Home Renovations

Renovation services from Meeder Design and Remodeling will have a tremendous impact on your home’s appearance. We consider home renovations an investment towards bettering your home. Lomboard 60148 homeowners already know when they turn to us, they can expect results at a price within their budget.

Lombard 60148 Home Renovations Whether exterior or interior, our expert staff will guide you through each step of the process. Our goal at Meeder is to provide the best renovation services at the best prices.

Contact Meeder Design & Remodeling today for a FREE Estimate on your next project.

Lombard IL Bathroom Remodeling

Lombard IL Bathroom Remodeling

Lombard IL Bathroom Remodeling 60148

Quality and handmade craftsmanship by Meeder Design and Remodeling.
Our services are unmatched in terms of quality, price, and end result. Whether your project is big or small, our team of designers are ready to help. Let us guide you through every step of the remodeling process, so you can focus on big picture decisions.

When you’re ready to start designing your new bathroom, call Meeder, the experts in Lombard IL Bathroom Remodeling.

Call or Contact us Online for a Free In-Home or Showroom Estimate.

Lombard Bathroom Remodeling With Countertops from Silestone

Lombard 60148

Darien Bathroom Remodeling by Meeder with countertops from Silestone is the best way of giving your home bathroom a facelift. Meeder Design & Remodeling guarantees you can’t match the quality of Silestone countertops.

Contact us or call for a free estimate!


Kitchen Remodeling Lombard 60148

Lombard Kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling Lombard

Meeder can turn your remodeling dreams into a reality! You won’t even recognize your kitchen after we’ve finished the job! See for yourself firsthand why our customers turn to us for all of their kitchen remodeling lombard needs.

Step by step, our staff will work with you through the entire process of your kitchen remodeling lombard project. For our design we gather your ideas, feedback, and needs to provide the best possible kitchen set up. When you want quality, rely on Meeder Design & Remodeling!

To receive a free estimate, call 630-835-1700 or try contacting us!

Basement Remodeling Lombard 60148

Remodeled Basement

Remodeled Basement
Expand your home and turn your basement into the space you’ve always wanted! Meeder Home Design & Remodeling makes it easy! Call 630-835-1700 or contact us for a free estimate!

Lombard Kitchen Remodel 60148

Lombard Kitchen Remodel

Revitalize the look of your kitchen! Meeder Home Design & Remodeling makes it easy to start and finish your kitchen remodel project. Regardless of budget, scope, or size, we guarantee the best quality service and results!

Live in Lombard 60148? Visit our showroom, call 630-835-1700, or contact us today for a free estimate!

Builders & General Contractors Lombard, IL


Builders & General Contractors Lombard, IL