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Western Springs Kitchen Remodeling

Western Springs kitchen remodeling

Western Springs Kitchen Remodeling Project

Sometimes just updating your kitchen can make an entire house feel more modern and sleek. With this Western Springs kitchen remodeling, the space was completely transformed from drab and out-of-date into something ultra-modern, sleek, and contemporary. So, what exactly did we do?

Many homeowners will request a more traditional kitchen as they feel this is a more classic route to take, but others like to be a little more daring. This Western Springs kitchen remodeling uses high contrast with light hardwood floors and dark custom cabinetry with contemporary hardware for high-impact style. New stainless steel appliances help tie the contrasting materials in with the slabs of granite on the walls. Nothing says modern and contemporary like forgoing the kitchen tile (it’s also a GREAT way to avoid tedious tile grout cleanup). Matching granite countertop seems to blend seamlessly with the slabs, giving a sleek look. Select cabinets also feature translucent doors that break up the very dark palette. Recessed lighting in the ceiling, as well as under the cabinets, brought in the right light that this kitchen needed.

We always say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and the design should reflect that. Good design is not just about choosing the right colors – it’s about creating a space that works well and makes actions easier. Although this U-shaped kitchen is not very large, storage space was maximized by adding the stove overhead to the ceiling rather than right above the stovetop, providing more room for the custom cabinets. This is something every homeowner should consider if optimizing storage is an issue for you. Meeder Design & Remodeling has over 40 years of experience in the western Chicago suburbs area. If you want to know how we can make your dream kitchen a reality, give us a call today!

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Western Springs IL Kitchen Remodeling


60558, Western Springs Kitchen Remodeling

Capture the splendor of a relaxed, eloquent charm with Meeder Kitchen Remodeling in Western Springs, IL. 60558

Now is the time for Green improvements to make your kitchen better for the long-term.

  1. Choose materials that are non-toxic.
  2. Make sure the layout can accommodate you as you age.
  3. Upgrade with energy-efficient appliances.
  4. Give us your ideas for remodeling your kitchen.
  5. We will design a space that you will enjoy living in.
  6. We will design your kitchen so that it won’t be outdated soon.
  7. We help you pick materials that are durable and that will last for a long time.

Call or contact us today for the most important tip you need to know before you begin remodeling your kitchen!

Western Springs Bathroom Remodeling


60558 Western Springs Bathroom Remodeling

Let us work our magic!

Meeder Design & Remodeling specializes in custom bathroom remodeling. We are experts with 37 years of experience doing luxurious bathroom remodels in homes throughout the Western suburbs of Chicago. Contact us for a Free In-Home Estimate Today on Your New Bathroom Remodeling Project.

Western Springs Kitchen Remodeling

60558 Western Springs Kitchen Remodeling

60558 Western Springs Kitchen Remodeling

60558 Western Springs Kitchen Remodeling by Meeder – A Reflection of Your Uncompromising Good Taste

Meeder Design & Remodeling will present your with First-Class Kitchen Remodeling ideas for your Western Springs home.

Are you considering new and exciting options for remodeling your kitchen?  The most creative parts of planning your project can also be the most overwhelming for some homeowners: deciding what remodeling trends work best for your home.  With exciting new possibilities from floor to ceiling, Meeder can update one area or transform your entire kitchen for better storage, functionality, and visual appeal.

 Call or contact Meeder Design & Remodeling online today to schedule an in-home or showroom appointment.

Bath Remodeling in Western Springs 60558

Western Springs Bath

Western Springs Bath

Bathroom Remodeling in Western Springs

Bathroom Remodeling in Western Springs: A Beautiful Bathroom Can Make a World of a Difference

The bathroom should be an oasis of relaxation that helps you recharge your batteries after a long day’s work or helps you feel refreshed early in the morning. But for many people it is just a room in the house.

Life is too short to deprive yourself of a charming bathroom. The bathroom can be a place you can proudly show off to your guests and that discreet corner of the house where you can totally enjoy your privacy while pampering yourself with a warm bath.

If you don’t really enjoy your bathroom at the moment, it is high time to make a change. Bathroom Remodeling in Western Springs is the solution that you are looking for in order to have a lovely bathroom.

Perhaps you have a clear picture in mind concerning your dream bathroom. Or maybe you just have a few ideas but you don’t know how to apply them in your own place. There is no need to worry as our team of specialists will provide useful advice and help you obtain the ideal bathroom, irrespective of its size and particularities.

There is no project too big or too small. Each bathroom remodeling is important as we aim to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We will help you choose the appropriate surfaces that will contribute to a marvelous overall aesthetic effect, while taking into consideration your budget and keeping in mind the big picture.

Contact Meeder Home Remodeling for a free consultation. You have nothing to lose but a lot to gain if you just get in touch with our team of experts. The consultation is completely free of costs and it can help you have the bathroom of your dreams.

Whether you visit us for a free showroom or in-home consultation, you have the guarantee that our experts will do their best to comply with your requirements and preferences. We will find the ideal solutions for your bathroom. This will allow you not only to completely transform your bathroom, but to make the best out of your money as well.

Also, you will finally be able to enjoy the time spent in your bathroom and to make your family members happy by significantly improving their well-being. So don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation and discover what we have in store for you. We are always here to help.

There’s nothing quite like your own contemporary bathroom updated with sleek faucets and shower heads. Start your remodeling project today with the experts at Meeder Home Design & Remodeling.

Call 630-835-1700 today or contact us for a free estimate!

Western Springs 60558 Home Additions & Renovations



Western Springs Residents Choose Meeder Design & Remodeling for Professional Renovations

For Western Springs, IL, homeowners in the 60558 zip code who are on the market for the most professional and high quality home remodeling services in the region, there is no better choice than Meeder Design & Remodeling. For many years, we’ve been providing the residents of Western Springs with top notch home remodeling services, and we’re proud to have a reputation for affordability, professionalism, and success among homeowners in the region.

If you’re in the market to add additional rooms—such as a new sunroom, screened porch, bathroom, family room, or laundry room—to your home,  Meeder has you covered. We’re also experts in choosing the perfect materials to blend additions into your existing property’s materials, whether it’s brick, stone, or siding. Our work will help you to design the home you’ve always dreamed of and improve your property’s resale value.

Call or contact us online today to get started with your free estimate and to schedule your very own in-home or showroom appointment. We hope to hear from you soon!

Western Springs, Illinois, Kitchen Remodeling

Western Springs, Illinois, Kitchen Remodeling

Western Springs, Illinois, Kitchen Remodeling

Professional Western Springs, 60558, Illinois, Kitchen Remodeling by Meeder Design & Remodeling

It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and as such, the kitchen is the area of the house which home owners remodel the most often. Meeder Design & Remodeiling offers a large array of services to transform your kitchen into the cooking nook of your dreams. Our remodeling professionals in Western Spring, IL, 60558, can replace your sink with a newer or more stylish model; and they can add stone or granite counter tops with a glass tile backsplash for a cozier and more finished look. By simply changing your kitchen hardware, you can take years off an outdated look. Custom cabinets can be added for a truly personalized look. New appliances and sophisticated counter tops will transform your kitchen in the blink of an eye.

The kitchen is one of the most important focal points of a house, hence why future home owners, or people planing to sell their home, can benefit from a kitchen remodeling.

If you are in the Western Spring, IL, area, call or contact Meeder Design and Remodeling online to make an appointment with our design specialists. They can come to your home, or you can come meet them at our showroom, to get a free estimate on your next kitchen remodeling project. Do not miss this opportunity, and let us build your dream kitchen for you.

Western Springs Kitchen Remodeling 60558


Western Springs Kitchen Remodeling 60558

Western Springs Kitchen Remodeling 60558

Western Springs Kitchen Remodeling 60558Our favorite part of a finishing a Western Springs kitchen remodeling project is the joy our clients receive. Looking at the same interior for so many years gets old, especially as your needs and wants change. No matter the project size, we have you covered.

We want to hear about your wants and needs for your kitchen space. Our staff works with the space you already have to create something brand new. We can change up your layout, add new appliances, new flooring or countertops, really anything is possible with your Western Springs Kitchen Remodeling 60558 project.

The quality, craftsmanship, and cost of our Western Springs kitchen remodeling  services can’t be matched. Our entire remodeling process revolves around you, the client. Our staff is dedicated to making sure you feel “WOW’d” by the final results of your Western Springs kitchen remodeling project.

Western Springs IL 60558 Room Additions

Living Room additions IL Western Springs

Western Springs IL 60558  Room Additions

Home owners in Western Springs, IL, who are thinking of expanding their home, might want to look for Meeder Designer & Remodeling. More than 35 years of delivering dynamic, yet cost effective extensions in conjunction with breathtaking designs has placed them as leaders in the field.

Home owners are only limited by their imagination because Meeder can provide room additions that dreams are made of. The choices are extensive as they are creative, whether square footage needs to be added or a brilliant sun room that can light up the house. Roofs, bathrooms, screened porches, family and laundry rooms; there is no end to what can be accomplished. The choice is up to you, and our designers will help you decide!


Meeder Designer & Remodeling can be contacted online for an in-home or showroom appointment in addition to receiving a free estimate regarding any renovations home owners feel like making. Getting in touch with experts can only result in extraordinary changes, which ultimately lead to the increased value of a home.

Distinctly designed kitchens, bathrooms, and room additions by Meeder Design & Remodeling. We are your kitchen builder, and renovation experts in Western Springs IL.

Western Springs Bathroom Remodeling

Western Springs Bathroom Remodeling 60558

Western Springs Bathroom Remodeling 60558

Are you thinking about renovating your bathroom? Do you want to give it a fresh look? Or maybe your plumbing fixtures and other accessories need to be replaced? In such cases you need to hire a professional bath remodeling service provider. Meeder Designer & Remodeling is the best Western Springs, IL Bathroom remodeling specialist you can possibly hire.

Western Springs Bathroom RemodelingApart from offering you expert advice on the best layout for your bathroom, we will also recommend whether there is the space to place double bathroom sinks and oversized bathtubs. Walk-in showers, bathroom hardware and storage systems, cabinet pulls and other options will also be discussed so as to help you make the right choice. We will also outline the various accessories you can opt for, such as shower heads, faucets and cabinet pulls. Since you can choose different materials, such as tile, granite, stone and ceramic, we will outline the various pros and cons so as to help you choose well depending on your budget.

So if you want future home buyers to value your home more, or if you want to have a truly beautiful bathroom, contact us now for a no obligation quote. We can come to your home or premises too if you wish. The bathroom of your dreams is just a call away! Whatever you dream, Meeder can help turn it into a reality.