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Willowbrook Kitchen Remodeling

Willowbrook Kitchen Remodeling

Willowbrook Kitchen Remodeling

Does your kitchen feel out-of-date or doesn’t seem to fit your lifestyle? This Willowbrook kitchen remodeling project received a complete makeover! Meeder worked with the clients to find what makes their perfect kitchen. Recessed lighting was added to the new ceiling for the family to see perfectly as they cook. Custom white cabinetry was installed, as well as redone windows, and a light hardwood flooring. New stainless steel appliances and hardware were also added. The updated layout also maximizes space and ease of use. On the right (not pictured), a coffee bar is the perfect place to prepare morning coffee and evening drinks. While the kitchen has an overall more traditional design, the glossy pale green subway tile pairs well with the green wall color to add a modern touch.

As with everything we do, Meeder Design & Remodeling brings hand-tailored distinction to kitchen remodels all over the western Chicago suburbs. Contact us today, visit our showroom, and set up a complimentary in-home consultation! We’d love to make your dream kitchen, bathroom, basement, or home addition a reality. Curious about the next steps for a home design project? Read more about our work process and philosophy.

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Willowbrook 60526 Home Additions & Renovations


Meeder Design and Remodeling, Inc.: Excellence in Customized, Value-Added Home Additions & Renovations

If you are a budget-minded homeowner living in Willowbrook, IL (60526), and you are looking for a professional, experienced and trusted partner to assist you with your highly-anticipated home addition or renovation project, then you have come to the right place.

At Meeder Design and Remodeling, Inc., we have been expertly helping Willowbrook homeowners add value to their homes. Customized, masterfully executed sunrooms and screened porches add considerable square footage; while family rooms, bathrooms, and laundry rooms add extra space and valuable amenities. Whether you choose an addition or a partial or complete home renovation, you will significantly increase the resale value of your home.

Regardless of the specific project you have in mind, choosing the right contractor makes the difference between a successful home addition or renovation project that is done right the first time or one of compromised quality that will need to be re-done, overall costing you more than anticipated.

From carefully planning and designing a space that best suits the style of your home to expertly selecting the right materials and finishes that seamlessly blend with the original structure, including the roof, our reputable team of home remodeling and renovation experts will diligently work with you to ensure that your home is both functionally and stylistically finessed into perfection, so that you will get maximum enjoyment now and value when it is time to sell.

Feel free to call us at 630-835-1700 or contact us online to schedule an in-home or showroom appointment for a free estimate on your next home addition & renovation project. We are looking forward to hearing from you and turning your unique vision into value-added reality!

Lisle, Illinois 60532, Kitchen Remodeling


Update your Kitchen with Meeder Design and Remodeling

Adding an island to your kitchen? Installing a new countertop? Residents of Lisle, IL, need not worry about their kitchen remodeling projects anymore—Meeder Design & Remodeling is here to save the day. 

Having been in the home remodeling business for nearly 40 years, the company knows exactly what a kitchen needs to increase its usefulness and value. Meeder offers the installation of new sinks, faucets, cabinetry, backsplashes, and other kitchen fixtures for a complete kitchen overhaul. The company works with a variety of materials including tile, stone, and granite to create many design options. 

A fully revamped kitchen can instantly make any home more dynamic and fun. It also adds to the overall value of a house. Those who want to see what Meeder Design and Remodeling can do for their kitchen are highly encouraged to contact or call the company for an in-home or showroom appointment. Customized estimates for your next kitchen remodeling project are FREE of charge.

Willowbrook, IL 60526, Bathroom Remodeling


Meeder Design and Remodeling, Inc., and Discerning Willowbrook, IL 60526, Homeowners—A Match Made in Bathroom Remodeling Heaven

Do you want to become part of the ever-growing trend that designates the bathroom as a home’s spa-style, private oasis? Discerning, yet budget-minded, Willowbrook, IL 60526, homeowners are increasingly seeking the reliable, expert bathroom remodeling services offered by reputable and trusted professionals in the industry.

Locally owned and operated, Meeder Design and Remodeling, Inc., is a full-service, custom-design construction and remodeling company, proudly serving the Willowbrook, IL 60526, area since 1976. At Meeder, we are committed to meeting your bathroom remodeling needs and preferences. In a timely and efficient manner without exceeding your budget and with minimum disruption to your home and lifestyle, we go the extra mile to turn your personal, unique vision into your dream bathroom.

We offer an extensive array of bathroom remodeling services, ranging from walk-in showers with the latest showerheads, over-sized bathtubs, and double bathroom sinks featuring custom cabinetry, modern faucets, and designer cabinet pulls. You will choose from a diversified selection of top-quality materials including granite, tile, and stone.

Whether you are looking for a partial or complete bathroom remodel, you can look forward to embracing a distinctively personal, generously accessible, and conveniently pleasant bathroom remodeling experience with our guaranteed, world-class craftsmanship, unrivaled expertise, keen attention to details, and integrity every step of the way.

A deftly planned and masterfully designed bathroom remodel that best matches the style of your home, your personal preferences, and budget can effectively add value to your home and optimally accommodate the needs of your entire family, making it worthy of consideration for both lifestyle and resale purposes.

Do not hesitate to contact us online or call us at 630-519-1457 to schedule a showroom or in-home appointment for a free, no-obligation estimate on your next bathroom remodeling project in your Willowbrook, IL 60526, home.

Willowbrook IL Kitchen Remodeling


Kitchen Remodeling

Willowbrook IL Kitchen Remodeling

Willowbrook 60527 IL Kitchen Remodeling

Meeder Design and Remodeling is ready to design your new kitchen. Go with a new decor, a new layout, or simply just upgrade. Your kitchen’s functionality is never sacrificed, only improved. We create new spaces out of your existing kitchen area. Whether it’s a new layout you want or a new look, we have you covered.

We’ll make the best use of your existing space to provide the best possible remodeling experience. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with your kitchen space. Let us give you the look your home deserves at a price you can afford. Give us your ideas and we will work with you every step of the way.

Call us today for a free estimate on your Willowbrook IL Kitchen Remodeling project.

Willowbrook IL Home Remodeling & Exterior Renovations


Willowbrook 60527 IL Home Remodeling

Willowbrook 60527 IL Home Remodeling & Exterior Renovations – Hire the Right Crew

Although adding a room, or installing new doors for the entry/exit way to the patio may seem easy enough, if you are not experienced in these tasks, you can do more harm than good. When you are considering adding a new room to your home, or if you want to add space to the exterior patio, it is essential that you hire the right remodeling contractors for the job. Thankfully, Meeder has the knowledge and staff you can depend on.

Willowbrook 60527 IL Home RemodelingNot only are licensed contractors from Meeder experienced in these services, they also have the equipment, expertise, and the best material finishes, for any look at your home. When you hire our expert staff to get the job done, you’ll be amazed at the results. Luxurious French doors, a new gazebo, or any other general contractor work you need rendered, can be done by Meeder Design and Remodeling. We’ll give your home a brand new look on the outside while increasing the value.

From start to finish, you’ll receive the best remodeling services for the best prices. Our customers know they can expect results that are sure to amaze.

Regardless of the size exterior remodeling or renovation services project, Meeder Design and Remodeling can handle the task.  We want to hear your ideas and your vision so we can make it happen. Visit our online site, or visit the showroom, to discuss the work, and receive a free quote, for all services you want completed on your home.

Willowbrook 60527 IL Home Remodeling & Exterior Renovations

Willowbrook IL Room Additions


Willowbrook IL Room Additions

Willowbrook IL Room Additions 60527 

Create your own contemporary look, or any look you desire. Providing Willowbrook IL Room Additions for over 30 years. Our staff can create any look you’re looking for in your home. Let us add more space and give your home more utility.

Extend the square footage of your home without moving! You’ll be amazed on how seamless your new room(s) look!

Why wait? Get started today by calling us for a free estimate! We’re the number one company in providing Willowbrook IL Room Addition services.

Willowbrook IL Bathroom Remodeling

Willowbrook Bathroom Remodeling 60527

Willowbrook Bathroom Remodeling 60527

Smooth, Flawless Finish by Meeder Design & Remodeling

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any home, and so it is important that it is nicely decorated and well laid out. If your bathroom looks dull or outdated, you may need to embark on a bathroom remodeling project, and this is where we come in. Being one of the best Willowbrook, IL Bathroom Remodeling specialists, we can guarantee that your bathroom will get the facelift it deserves, making it a pleasure to use it for your daily needs!

Our specialists will offer you their expert advice on the best layout for your bathroom, along with different types of bathroom storage ideas. They will also recommend whether there is room for double bathroom sinks, oversized bathtubs or walk-in showers. Bathroom hardware, shower heads, faucets, cabinet pulls and other accessories will also be addressed. The types of materials that can be used will also be outlined so as to help you make a well informed choice. Porcelain, tile, stone and ceramic are just some of the possible options.

A beautiful bathroom does not have to cost you a fortune, and it can increase the value of your home significantly. Thus, it is also a form of investment and a guarantee that future home buyers will be enticed by it. The key is to hire experienced bathroom remodeling specialists who will be able to assist you in your decisions and choices. Call or contact us now for a no obligation quote, either in our showroom or in-home.

Willowbrook IL Basement Remodeling

Willowbrook 60527 IL Basement Remodeling

Willowbrook IL Basement Remodeling 60527 – Your New Basement 

If you are looking for a fun new use for a basement, a home bar is great for family and friends, or for your man cave. If you have kids, a new playroom is the ideal way to get them out of your way upstairs, and to keep them out of trouble. A game room for adults, or a new media room, where you can jam out with your favorite music or watch the game as loud as you want, are all great ways to use a basement, which is not being utilized to the full capacity.

For home owners, considering these, or any other basement remodeling jobs, it is important to call the best contractors. When you are ready to discuss these plans, you can visit our site, or you can visit our showroom. Meeder Design and Remodeling will provide you a free quote, and discuss your plans, to come up with the best solution for the space, and the most affordable price for you.

Relax with the luxury of a newly remodeled basement by Meeder Design & Remodeling

Willowbrook IL Residential Construction and Builders

Willowbrook 60527 IL Residential Construction and Builders

Willowbrook 60527 IL Residential Construction and Builders

Meticulous commitment to craftsmanship by Meeder Design & Remodeling