Bathroom Remodeling in Elmhurst, IL

Bathroom Remodeling in Elmhurst, IL

Bathroom Remodeling in Elmhurst, IL

Are you tired of bathing in a dreary and outdated shower? Or perhaps your bathtub is looking a little bit beaten up and tired? The bathroom remodeling experts at Meeder Design & Remodeling will help you create a sophisticated, lavish and super-stylish bathroom of your dream. We are an Elmhurst, IL Bathroom Remodeling company with a wealth of experience and hundreds of happy clients.

Over the past 4 decades, we have perfected our craft to deliver chic and contemporary designs that will give your bathroom the ultimate facelift. Our bathroom remodeling designs are a perfect solution for any style, budget, and timeline. We understand that your bathroom should be your private escape – a pristine place to preen and pamper yourself. We’ll work with you to ensure that we create that dream space for you – an amazing bathroom space that is both functional and simplifies your morning routine.

From our range of bathroom remodeling designs, we will recreate your space to allow you to have a unique and superior bathing experience in the comfort of your home. Each of our full Elmhurst, IL Bathroom Remodeling design is engineered to maintain its flair and glamour for years, ultimately increasing your house resale value.

Create A Bathroom That Fits Your Style

Leaky toilets, loose-tiles, grimy grout, you name it, it’s probably an issue. Elmhurst, IL Bathroom remodeling ensures that you get a bathroom that reflects your budget and style. All projects are given equal attention and the same level of craftsmanship – from a simple re-do to a lavish project.

From the moment we start to ideate your remodeling project, we will work with you and ensure that you’re involved in all major decisions. So, whether you’d prefer rustic wood planks, classic subway tiles or funkily patterned wallpaper, we will get you just that.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Here are some of the things you’ll expect once we’re done with your remodeling:

  • Plumbing: Our team of experts will upgrade and enlarge your bathroom plumbing to handle the gunk and hair that goes down the drain.
  • Lighting: Depending on your design and budget, we install strategically-placed mood lights in your bathroom to make your spa-like experience complete.
  • Nonslip floor: This is perhaps the main consideration when remodeling your bathroom. To avoid slip, we use textured tiles. Alternatively, we can install small porcelain or glazed tiles with lots of grout lines that will offer the much-needed grip.
  • Amped up wiring: We understand the need for more sophistication in your bathroom space. We all want an area with adequate power outlets to plug in just about anything – from toothbrushes and electric razors, to hair-straightening irons. At Meeder Design & Remodeling, we assess your power needs and install an amped up wiring and GFCI outlets that match today’s needs.
  • Cabinetry and vanities: Unlike the clunky over-head organizers, we install recessed vanity or cubby around the shower or tub for that contemporary design.

Some other bathroom remodeling options that will give your space a unique spa-edge include:

  • Radiant flooring. This flooring system ensures that you keep your feet warm on cold mornings and also accelerates drying, hence reducing the risk of slips or falls.
  • Stain-resistant grout. While stain-resistant grout costs more than the traditional grout, it is a sure way to cut down on tedious cleaning. Using thinner and darker grout lines will also help keep the pesky stains at bay.
  • Skylights. How about we cut down on the electricity bills by using well-placed skylights? Skylights will flood your bathroom with natural light and are an excellent substitute for windows. They offer better lighting for those bathrooms that are located deep within a home.
  • Heated shower mirror. If you have a single vanity, having a fog-free mirror will make it super-easy to remove make-up or shave in the shower.
  • Framed mirrors. If you’re looking for a chic, exotic and contemporary design, framed mirrors present the ultimate design opportunity. You can choose to match the profile of the mirror frame with your bathroom moldings or contrast it with your backsplash to create a truly regal focal point.

We Can Help You Create Your Dream Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling can be a complex project to handle. Multiple components in a compact space, flowing water and high humidity, safety and efficiency. You must strive to get it right, the first time.

At Meeder Design & Remodeling, we have perfected our craftsmanship to deliver beautifully designed bathroom remodels that stands the test of time. Give us a call today or visit our showroom next to Prairie Path for a free noncommittal consultation. One of our diligent project managers will take you through the various designs that will revamp your bathroom space and create a pristine, serene spa-like environment.

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