Do You Need a Bigger House?

Owning your own home is the American Dream, and when you first moved in, the size might have been just right. If you’re feeling a little more cramped these days, you’re likely in need of a bigger house. Meeder Design & Remodeling specializes in home additions in the western suburbs of Chicago, so if you’ve outgrown your current space in Oak Brook or the surrounding cities, we can help.

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5 Signs You Need a Bigger House

1. Your Family is Growing

As a couple, you didn’t need too much space. A couple of bedrooms and a bathroom were sufficient. If you’re now starting to plan for kids, they’ll need somewhere to sleep and get ready, so it’s time to consider bedroom and/or bathroom additions. Similarly, if you’ve been an empty nester for a while, the smaller home size might feel cozy, but when adult children and grandchildren start spending more time at your Westmont house, it gets a bit tight. In that case, you might want to expand your entertaining space.


2. You Need More Privacy

Bathrooms should be a sanctuary where you can relax, unwind, and get clean. If you’re having to share the bathroom with too many people, this room can quickly turn from sanctuary to danger zone. If this has happened at your house, remodeling to add a second or third bathroom can resolve these issues.


3. You have Frequent Visitors

When you move away from friends and family, it gives them an opportunity to visit and explore your new city, but your current home might be lacking in space for guests. Instead of making loved ones sleep on the couch, consider investing in a home addition to add on a guest bedroom or two.


4. You Work from Home

More and more people are getting the opportunity to work from home these days. If you are a remote worker in Villa Park or Western Springs, having a dedicated office space can improve your productivity, concentration, and ability to separate your work life from your personal life. A home office addition can make this possible.


5. You Need More Storage Space

It’s easy to accumulate stuff throughout the years, but when your stuff begins to take up too much space in your current home, a home addition to create more storage space will help. This could be finishing and building out the basement, adding a room to the back of your home, or adding onto a garage with extra shelving.


Planning Your Home Addition

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Whatever your reason, our Elmhurst-based home designers and contractors can work with you and your budget to create a home addition plan that suits your individual needs.

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